Informations about your stay

It’s important to us that you enjoy a healthy holiday in the Hotel Turna Malbun.

We want to make sure your time with us is as safe and pleasant as possible. We and our staff have therefore developed our own policy.

The Lampert family and Turna-Team

Terms of cancellation


Our General Terms and Conditions include the following provisions for cancellation:

  • From 30 days prior to arrival: 50%.
  • From 7 days prior to arrival: 80%.

Free up to three days before arrival

Outdoor whirlpool

The whirlpool is open from 2pm till 9pm.

There is a list to reserve the whirlpool.


Check in quickly and safely in your own home. Simply complete the registration form and send it to us before you arrive.

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All you need to do upon arrival is sign your registration form and pick up your room card – and your holiday can start.


Would you please not form a queue when checking out. To avoid queues and waiting times, you are welcome to settle your bill the night before.

Hand sanitiser

You will find hand sanitiser on each floor, at each entrance and in the public toilets

Would you please wash and sanitise your hands regularly.

Immigration and quarantine regulations

Immigration into the Principality of Liechtenstein is subject to the same regulations as Switzerland.


The regular disinfection and cleaning of surfaces and contact points is standard practice at our hotels in all areas and is being carried out more frequently at the present time.

Fresh air

We air all public areas several times a day.

Shaking hands

We do not shake hands with guests, suppliers or staff. Instead, you can be assured of a friendly hello from the distance.

Symptoms of infection

Staff are required to stay at home if they show any symptoms of infection. If symptoms occur at work, staff are sent home and are required to contact the relevant telephone hotline, +423 235 45 32.

Child care

We offer our guests free childcare.


Facemasks you may wear voluntarily


Our workforce receives excellent training at the start of the season and is familiarised with our health and safety policy.

Training is regularly repeated, to ensure that everyone is up-to-date at all times.

Table reservations

If you have booked full board, you will benefit from automatically reserved tables for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

With half board, you will benefit from automatically reserved tables for breakfast and dinner.

If you have booked breakfast, please make sure you reserve your table well in advance each time, so that you can be assured of a table.

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