Time out

Wellness in the Alps

Rediscover a sense of tranquillity. Bask in the soothing silence. Feel in harmony with nature and with yourself.

Relax in the steam bath enriched with fragrant essences and aromas. Or maybe you’d like to sweat it out in the sauna? After all, as the old Finnish saying goes, the sauna melts away anger – a theory you can blissfully test out for yourself.

Relax & Move

Water on the march!

Move actively in the water. Feel the source of life directly on your skin.

Relax in our outdoor whirlpool surrounded by our beautiful alpine nature. Plunge in and immerse yourself in the water. Or swim a few lengths in the spacious indoor pool. Come on in, the water’s fine.

by Silke Kindle

Lomi Lomi Massage

Just think about yourself and take the time to be for yourself, to charge your body and mind with energy and bring it into a clear, harmonious state.
Silke Kindle accompanies you in bringing your body, mind and soul into balance.

Take time for YOU, for a journey to yourself.

We recommend that you book your appointment before arrival to secure an appointment.

You can’t decide yet, then we’ll be happy to take a look during your stay.

Time for relaxation,
high up in the mountains

Family Lampert

Wellness at the hotel Turna

Our Opening hours

Indoor swimming pool 6am – 8pm

Outdoor Jacuzzi 2pm – 8pm

Saunas 3pm – 8pm

On a journey of discovery

A holiday full of pleasure

and relaxation


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