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At 1,600 Meters above sea level

The Mountain summer in Malbun

Colourful world. High mountains. Clear air.

Feeling the sun’s rays on your skin, watching the marmots play and wandering through the woods? This and much more is the mountain summer with us in Malbun. On the hikes through the Liechtenstein mountains, you will experience unforgettable hours and wonderful views, which you will keep in your heart forever.

Enjoy your time and feel free!

Active in summer

Experience the best moments in Malbun


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Legendary Walser Way

On the trail of the Walser...

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E-bike rental

We rent e-mountain bikes brand Haibike

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Electric charging station

We offer our guests a free electric charging station for their car.

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Grilling at the Stegersee Lake

A Magic Location for secluded Hours

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Recipe Cheese Spaetzle

Recipe for Liechtenstein Cheese Spaetzle

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Trail running

Over rock and stone are the trail runners in Malbun.

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