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Events & Celebrations

The Location in the Mountains

Company dinner
at Hotel Turna

Unique location in the mountains of Malbun

Are you planning a company outing or a meal with partners, employees and colleagues? In Malbun you can perfectly combine leisure and work. Enjoy the beautiful landscape away from the hustle and bustle and celebrate a good time together in a cosy setting!

We are happy to be your place of choice!

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Cosy get-together

Family celebration, wedding,
baby shower, or children's birthday

Celebrate your special day with your loved ones

Are you scheduling a special celebration? The Turna restaurant offers a cosy location for every occasion. From the decorations to food and cake, we can arrange everything for your celebration.

We look forward to planning the day with you!

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Share your day with special people

Together it is much more fun

There is always
something happening here

There is always something happening here in the Principality of Liechtenstein. Design your holiday in Malbun according to your own wishes! We will inform you about events and provide you with tips and news to assist you with planning.

Legendary Walser Way

On the trail of the Walser...

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E-bike rental

We rent e-mountain bikes brand Haibike

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Electric charging station

We offer our guests a free electric charging station for their car.

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Grilling at the Stegersee Lake

A Magic Location for secluded Hours

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Recipe Cheese Spaetzle

Recipe for Liechtenstein Cheese Spaetzle

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Trail running

Over rock and stone are the trail runners in Malbun.

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